Hexx Inkworks

The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)


Born and raised in the historical market town of Boston, Lincolnshire, Hexx Inkworks studied both Art & Design and Creative Media Production at Boston college, he achieved DMM in both courses as well as working part time. He progressed onto University which is when he moved to Steel City to Study Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University. This is where he graduated with a First Class Honours, while partially working part time again as well. After graduating, he chose to stay in Sheffield to chase his love for culture, variety and just general city life. 

His obsession for creating started at an early age, which was lovingly supported by his belated grandmother. He also took an interest in the dark and different when he was younger, which presumably was influenced by various forms of media such as video games and movies. Because of this curiosity for the different, he eventually stumbled into subcultures such as punk, and skateboarding. Because these subcultures are so rich in visual media, they have unsurprisingly influenced his creative pursuits.

Throughout his time being a creative, he has had various commissions that included: a mural for a gym in his hometown, several logo designs, and canvases. He started a YouTube channel as a hobby inspired by those that he was watching, and to complete shock to him, became very interested by users of the platform. he then continued to produce videos, resulting in brands sending him free products to review. Needless to say, he has much experience and understanding with technology, including cinematography, and the adobe creative suite, ranging from his first love of photoshop, to premiere pro.

Since graduating during the Covid-19 pandemic he is searching for employment, but whilst doing this also continuing to educate himself, perfect his craft and grow as a professional. This obviously includes improving his artistic skills, and with such has started a drawing course to fill in the gaps of his self-taught knowledge. but also entrepreneurial business skills, such as social media strategy for Instagram, recycling his YouTube videos for the trending video platform that is TikTok, shopping around for printers for his work-in-process shirts and in the process of finishing his website.

Artist’s Statement

Fuelled by the critical thinking of a graphic designer, the love for interesting visuals from punk and skate culture, and the enjoyment of expressionist movement from that of mosh pits, skateboarding, and the dirty fills of a graffiti writer.

I find my work flowers into three main forms, art work, design work, and experimental work, and as a result is very fit for purpose dependant on what it is. I have always preferred making things by hand, but sometimes I will use digital entirely, where if something is of a minimalistic and graphical nature I will use Adobe Illustrator, or if it has a layout or publication nature I will use Adobe InDesign. I have an attitude of using technology as a tool rather than a medium, something I have stuck to since art at college, minus in my second year where I feel off due to what I was exposed to.

Regardless of the medium, I feel that my work always voices an importance of attitude, craft, quality, visual interest, and originality. I have always kept true to defying the norm, and even if I do, I will seek a way to do it differently.
I have an interest in both letters and illustration, which is unsurprisingly of my background rich in poster and clothing designs. However lettering sits a strong place in my personality, just because it comes to me more naturally.

It is not uncommon to see markers used in my work, that of a black fine liner quality, ranging all the way to a wide tipped paint marker, as well as the blessing that is aerosol paint which I have been using for about three years now.

My use of spray paint is presumably explained by another practice long love, my interest in texture. I feel so strongly about it because it is such a genuine feature and just adds so much more character to any piece of work, not to mention how you can create interesting results out of the simplest things.

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